Why Choose Ecosolve

The experience of using Ecosolve LED lighting is unparalleled.

1.  No  Flickering

Flickering is a common problem in most of the LED brands but Ecosolve is flickering free.

2. No Light  Reduction

Ecosolve LED Lights are designed to comply with L70 standard which implies even though there is a light reduction it cannot be detected by the naked eye. 

4. Superior Components

•       Cree Chip from US
•       Osram SMDs from Germany
•       Ecosolve Drivers
•       Adequate Heat Sink
•       Fitting & Heat Sink – Aluminium & Stainless Steel
•       Quality of all the components – above the industry standard

5.  Maintenance at Customer Door-step

6. Three ( 3 ) year warranty for Indoor lights

7. Two ( 2 ) year warranty for Outdoor lights

8. Repair even after the warranty period

9. Needless to throw away the fitting

Replace Chip & Driver & the warranty is renewed for additional 3 years / 2 years as applicable

Ecosolve is the only lighting solution provider in Sri Lanka offering an after sales care package that will ensure proper functioning of lighting during and after the warranty period, through the deployment of technicians to the customer’s premises.

Ecosolve is Sri Lanka’s first ISO 9001 certified LED lighting company with an unmatched track record for product quality & reliability.

Due to the high product reliability cost and time associated with product failure and product replacement are much lower. The door -step after sales service means zero stress.

Ecosolve   has its own dedicated  R & D facility to develop and test customized lighting and innovative new products.

Ecosolve is a 100% local investment with a local manufacturing facility which ensures a high level of local environmental knowledge and accountability